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Lovely Kitchen Accessories Organizer Tool

$8.99 USD

  • CLEAN, DRY & HYGIENIC : attach your sponge holder over your kitchen sink or in your bathtub in an easy to reach location and after each usage place conveniently sponge caddy for drying. Reduce mold with plenty of air flow to dry quickly and stay dry and minimize bacteria growth and bad odor.
  • Material: PP, PVC
  • Suction strong,no need to dig holes,do not hurt the wall
  • It can hold sponge,soap ,srubbers ,dish clip ,scouring pad and cleanball
  • Attach with strong suction cup to any sink, mirror, tile or other non-porous surface
  • Perfect holder for keeping thins dry and tidy and ready to use in the kitchen sink, shower, laundry, etc.