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NiGma Packs Ad.

Posted on July 13 2019

NiGma Packs Ad.

Don't waste your time 

You know the price 

No, wait in line 

It's purchase time 


The four rhythmic lines above are lyrics from NiGma Packs first advertisement video. This two minutes and forty-seven seconds video was no instant gratification, ready to make, or quick fix marketing campaign ad. The process to create and produce the ad was time-consuming, to say the very least.  It took time, planning, coordinating, preparation, persistence, and any other stoic attributes that come to mind. After five months of creating and producing, the ad product is finally here for viewers and consumers to see. 

The purpose of this advertisement video was to create content falling on the ideas of commuting, D.C./Maryland culture, NiGma Packs brand and products. The production team (Zach Johnson/Vin Media Group, LLC), dancers (Hazel J and Victoria), and skateboard actress (Mariah H.), who've contributed to this ad campaign; worked hard to help put this video together. Founder/CEO, Prince E. Eyo, is genuinely grateful for their efforts to help execute the vision for NiGma Pack's products exposure. 

For right now, the video is out on IGTV on Instagram: @n.packss and youtube at NIGMA Productions. However, our team plans on shortening the ad to 30 seconds and uploading it on to other popular short ad platforms. 

Watch Video Below: 






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